1. Screen lockup
  2. Software setup checklist
    1. Phase I: media center
    2. Phase II: web
    3. Phase III: mails
    4. Phase IV: shell
    5. Phase V: final
    6. Phase VI: the return of the jedi
    7. Phase 666: remote control and LCD screen working
  3. Hardware setup
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    2. À acheter
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    3. Pièces existantes
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(copied from ?configuration)

Hardware maintenance

See ?configuration for the initial setup notes.

There's a nasty lcd here, see lcd for how to configure it.

See backup for backup and drive replacement procedures.

Screen lockup

Sometimes, Xorg would totally lockup with something like:

[drm:intel_pipe_set_base] *ERROR* pipe is still busy with an old pageflip

This seems to be a bug in the intel driver, reported in a few places:

I tried to upgrade the libdrm-intel1 package:

Start-Date: 2016-08-17  13:23:50
Commandline: apt install -t jessie-backports libdrm-intel1
Install: libdrm-amdgpu1:amd64 (2.4.70-1~bpo8+1, automatic)
Upgrade: libdrm-intel1:amd64 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-intel1:i386 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-dev:amd64 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-radeon1:amd64 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-radeon1:i386 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-nouveau2:amd64 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm-nouveau2:i386 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm2:amd64 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1), libdrm2:i386 (2.4.58-2, 2.4.70-1~bpo8+1)
End-Date: 2016-08-17  13:24:01

It seems to stabilise things, but I'll wait for a while before claiming victory. In august 2015, there was a 94 days uptime. Since then uptime hasn't gone beyond 30-40 days. Once we cross that boundary, we can consider this issue fixed.

Update: in october 2016, the problem was still there. I tried upgrading the xserver-xorg-video-intel, we'll see how it goes.

Update: still deadlocks. december 2017, tried upgrading the kernel to backports.

Initial configuration

Software setup checklist

Those were the steps taken to migrate from the old server (?marvin) to this new hardware.

Mon incarnation home-made du FreedomBox. This is DONE! I'm going to try to clarify the steps when I rebuild something like this for death church... -- TheAnarcat 2011-03-18T19:17:21-0400

Phase I: media center

  1. install debian squeeze (./)
  2. install required software (./) (made a tasksel for it in my ~/bin to fix this once and for all)
  3. backup enclosure (./)
  4. static IP (./)
  5. configure postfix outgoing mails (./)
  6. configure rtorrent - cp config, (./) separate user (./) fix port forwarding (./)
  7. configure mpd - cp config (./) random startup scripts (./) fix port forwarding (./)
  8. rsync enclosure (./)
  9. umount enclosure on marvin (./)
  10. let array sync (./)
  11. remove array
  12. configure xbmc - separate user (./) cp config (this solves the "escape crash" bug) fix performance problems (./) . there's a problem with the "nouveau" driver + xbmc, which relies on 3D/OpenGL (it's slow as hell) . I tried with the nvidia driver (apt-get install nvidia-kernel-$(uname -r) nvidia-glx) but then that guy can't do 1440x900, let alone dual screen . seems like I hate nvidia and i will kill it, see those instructions/status:
    • http://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers
    • http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/
    • http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/FeatureMatrix
    • http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/CodeNames#NV10
    • https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=586748
  13. (!) we're going to go with Intel hardware instead, this is taking too long and I expect the other hardware to be better compatible with free software
  14. revert port forwarding (./)
  15. stop that freaking noise - turning off the onboard fan makes the board go way too hot - got new hardware (./) turned off that damn box
  16. get the hardware (./)
  17. rsync enclosure (rsync -tvlr anarcat@ ./) (./)
  18. port forwarding and start services (torrents, mpd, icecast) (./)
  19. stop and disable services on marvin (rtorrent, mpd, icecast) (./)
  20. git clone home (./)

Phase II: web

  1. configure web server (./)
  2. anarcat.ath.cx (./)
  3. orangeseeds.org (./)
  4. setup aegir.orangeseeds.org / aegir.anarcat.ath.cx (./) <!> missing public DNS, but whatever
  5. setup wiki.orangeseeds.org?
  6. find myself a real domain for a change? maybe, one day...
  7. port forwarding (./)
  8. turn off apache on marvin (./) (apt-get remove *apache2*)

Phase III: mails

  1. migrate mails to media station (./)
  2. config procmail + antispam (bogofilter segfaults, giving up ... spamc?) (./) setup spampd (see SpamAssassinConfiguration), local copy below
  3. enable procmail in postfix (./)
  4. rsync mail (./) done and redone
  5. configure imap (apt-get install dovecot-imapd) (./)
  6. test delivery (./)
  7. sync mail (./)
  8. flip port forward (./)
  10. change DNS (@.anarcat.ath.cx to point to marcos) (./)
  11. test delivery from outside (./)

Phase IV: shell

  1. migrate pictures (./)
  2. migrate f-spot configs and DB (./)
  3. migrate remaining $HOME files (./)
  4. test shotwell? seems cool and simple, but doesn't support gallery fuck it then
  5. password manager (./)

Phase V: final

  1. BACKUPS!!! (./) done: backup_rsync_luks.sh
  2. configure DNS on router (./)
  3. asterisk on router (./) now that was easy: install the package and copy the config!
  4. fix ATA to talk to router (./)
  5. turn off marvin (./)

Phase VI: the return of the jedi

Other stuff I could do later:

  1. wiki.orangeseeds.org, anarcat.orangeseeds.org, or a new domain? what do i want to host in there anyways? (see domain switch below)
  2. IPv6? (./)
  3. automated backups - hook up with udev and fire up the backup automagically

Phase 666: remote control and LCD screen working

See ?lcd

Hardware setup


À acheter


      1 x ($64.99) MB ASUS|P5G41-M LE/CSMC      $64.99
      1 x ($79.99) CPU INTEL|PDC E6500 2.93G 2M RT      $79.99
      1 x ($149.49) HTPC CASE ANTEC|FUSION REMOTE BLACK      $149.49
      1 x ($9.99) ADAPTER SYBA|SD-HMM-DVF % - OEM      $9.99
      Shipping:      $32.38
      GST/HST:      $16.84
      PST:      $0.00
      Total Amount:      $353.68

Chez newegg.ca - 1-2 jours packaging, 2-7 jours shipping, fait aujourdhui. -- TheAnarcat <<DateTime(2011-02-26T19:21:33-0400)>>

Pièces existantes



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Todo list

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