Junk inventory

This is an inventory of machines i keep lying around that I don't know what to do with.

Gutted My Book Live

The My Book Live is a "Applied Micro APM82181 processor working at 800 MHz and has 256 MB of RAM and a Broadcom BCM54610" (Wikipedia). I helped a friend rip it open to extract the 1TB hard drive for use in a workstation. We had trouble mounting the hard drive because it uses a peculiar sector size, but in the end we were able to restore the data from the drive and my friend was happy. The reason why he took the drive out is also that he didn't like the firmware shipped with the machine.

Little did we know at the time that the machine actually runs Debian GNU/Linux! This means that the hardware probably supports running a Debian server fairly well, which all of a sudden makes this machine quite interesting.

Folks have been documenting various hacks and things to do with this neat little Debian, including a serial port so not all is lost. But it could be a significant challenge to install a fresh new Debian onto that, especially since the documentation I've seen talks about Lenny running on that thing and later udev's having compatibility problems...

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