Update: this server was retired in favor of evelyn.

fumiko was named after Fumiko Kaneko, a Japanese feminist, anti-colonialist, anarchist and nihilist, (possibly self-)convicted of plotting to assassinate the Japanese emperor.

It's my first "cloud" VM (hence nihilism) designed to survive majour outages or moves on marcos.

I picked linode because it's cheap, it's not Hetzner (which we use extensively at work), and they have locations close to me. At first I thought of using their Toronto PoP but the Newark PoP was 10 ms closer (40ms vs 30ms).

I set it up with a plain Debian 11 bullseye install from Linode, then installed git tmux puppet.

At first I upgraded the box to bookworm, but destroyed the VM and recreated it because puppet-agent 7 can't bootstrap against a puppet-server 5.

So, bootstrap code is basically:

apt install foot-terminfo tmux
apt upgrade
hostname fumiko
hostname > /etc/hostname
echo fumiko.anarc.at fumiko >> /etc/hosts
apt install puppet
puppet agent  --test --server puppet.anarc.at

then on the master:

puppet ca list | grep $HASH_FROM_ABOVE
puppet ca sign fumiko.anarc.at

then on fumiko again:

puppet agent --test
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