evelyn is named Evelyn Berezin, inventor of the computer word processor, who developed the first computerized banking system.

It's my third cloud VM, replacing fumiko, designed to handle outages or overloads on marcos..

I picked Digital Ocean because it's cheap. I picked the NYC PoP because it was cheaper than the Toronto one.

I hope to eventually shut down this shit.

I set it up with a plain Debian 11 bullseye install from DO, then went through the bullseye upgrade, after a very basic bootstrap:

apt install foot-terminfo tmux

Then went with the Puppet bootstrap:

apt install puppet
puppet agent  --test --server puppet.anarc.at

then on the master:

puppetserver ca list | grep $HASH_FROM_ABOVE
puppetserver ca sign fumiko.anarc.at

then on the client again:

puppet agent --test
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