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Download: rec-0.6.tar.gz (22k)
MD5: 6d779c0604434dc364a92a4b0ed3165d

rec is a small recording tool I wrote because I was tired to see sox suck (pun intended) so much CPU and drop samples. I was also curious to see how sound devices work under UNIX, that is, under a OSS-compatible API.

It records headerless PCM machine-dependant sound but has also some primitive AIFF support. You should need rec if you're not afraid to use the command line and need peak performance.

rec has now been sleeping for a while in my tree and I don't remember exactly how well it worked before. I remember using it for a while but then again the problem of the need to convert the sound to some "headerfull" format (WAVE, mainly) kind of killed the interest I had in this nice little program. Anyway, these days I do my audio in Windows because of the lack of user-friendly tools as powerful as WaveLab, CoolEdit or Samplitude for FreeBSD. I heard there is something called Ardour that is going around but it's ALSA only and ALSA hasn't been ported to FreeBSD.

For more details, please see the online CVS tree, in particular the README, INSTALL and FAQ files.

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