I have started looking at alternatives for Gandi because of problems with it (see change)..

Question set:

Provider DNSSEC IPv6 Delegations .org .at .ca Notes
Gandi.net partiel partiel oui 16$ 25$ 16$ DNSSEC and IPv6 not supported for .me, .at, others
Namecheap non oui oui? 12$ non 12$ unsure about delegation, .at not supported, opposed SOPA (source: wikipedia)
Joker.com oui ? oui 14$ 20$ non popular, cheap, couldn't find details about IPv6, .ca not supported
EasyDNS beta oui ? 15$ non 15$ for DNSSEC support, the "hosted" package is required, 35$ instead of 15$
GKG.NET oui oui ? 12$ non non found on stackexchange

See also those two questions on stackexchange.com about IPv6 and DNSSEC.

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