1. How to change the main domain name of this network
    1. anarcat.ath.cx -> orangeseeds.org migration
    2. anarcat.ath.cx -> anarc.at
    3. Bug with gandi and ipv6

Idea: consolidate all sites under a single domain instead of the current multitude of subdomains. At least get rid of anarcat.ath.cx.

See also ~/notes/domains.mdwn.

anarcat.ath.cx -> orangeseeds.org migration

anarcat.ath.cx -> anarc.at

We will keep the orangeseeds.org domain to host public stuff from others, but I'll keep my stuff on anarc.at.

Things to change:

Bug with gandi and ipv6

Gandi screwed me over big time, twice:

  1. they couldn't register a .ca domain name properly. when I opened a support ticket, they figured it out and told me that the domain was now registered. two weeks later, the domain is still not registered. this is still pending (2013-08-15 - 2013-09-08)

  2. when I registered a .at, I added an IPv6 glue record for my primary nameserver. this made the nameserver configuration completely fail:

    2400 : Command failed (541 Invalid attribute value; IPv6 NOT ALLOWED [ns0.anarc.at 2001:1928:1:9::1])

    i had to disable IPv6 on that domain for the nameservers to propagate.

Considering switching, see registrars.

Update: turns out i had to confirm registration with CIRA. They send you a password by email, usually, but i didn't receive it the first time. The second time i tried, it failed again but then i pinged GANDI again and they provided me with a password to register on CIRA and it worked. --2013-09-12

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