I stumbled upon this graph recently, which is w3techs.com graph of "Historical yearly trends in the usage statistics of web servers". It seems I hadn't looked at it in a long while because I was surprised at many levels:

  1. Apache is now second, behind Nginx, since ~2022 (so that's really new at least)

  2. Cloudflare "server" is third ahead of the traditional third (Microsoft IIS) - I somewhat knew that Cloudflare was hosting a lot of stuff, but I somehow didn't expect to see it there at all for some reason

  3. I had to lookup what LiteSpeed was (and it's not a bike company): it's a drop-in replacement (!?) of the Apache web server (not a fork, a bizarre idea but which seems to be gaining a lot of speed recently, possibly because of its support for QUIC and HTTP/3

So there. I'm surprised. I guess the stats should be taken with a grain of salt because they only partially correlate with Netcraft's numbers which barely mention LiteSpeed at all. (But they do point at a rising share as well.)

Netcraft also puts Nginx's first place earlier in time, around April 2019, which is about when Microsoft's IIS took a massive plunge down. That is another thing that doesn't map with w3techs' graphs at all either.

So it's all lies and statistics, basically. Moving on.

Oh and of course, the two first most popular web servers, regardless of the source, are package in Debian. So while we're working on statistics and just making stuff up, I'm going to go ahead and claim all of this stuff runs on Linux and that BSD is dead. Or something like that.

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Cloudflare runs a modified nginx, so you might want to sum those numbers.
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