Services on the network are slowly coming back online after a long outage. Network connectivity is back up since around 20:00 (UTC-4) and DNS have been migrated, which will take a few hours to propagate. The bandwidth has been significantly improved, from 5 mbps up and 0.8 mbps down to 25/10. This should improve user experience throughout, but especially on websites.

I unfortunately couldn't deploy the two new access points I wanted, partly due to proprietary software on the SmartRG rg603n modem. This makes it difficult to hook the shiny new modem, which was supposed to double as an access point, into the mesh network, as I cannot run OpenWRT on it.

It is interesting because the modem does run some version of Linux, and therefore could be in a breach of the GPL as it does seem to distribute binaries without source, linked at least against the Linux kernel. I may yet use the machine simply as a dumb access point and an "upstream" for the mesh without extra configuration, as this would allow me to remove two more devices: a Soekris net5501 router and a Cisco ATA 186 (yes, it still runs fine!).

The other access point is the one on the roof and I simply did not have time to flash it...

The Réseaulibre wiki is still hosted at its secondary mirror at Deuxpi but will be migrated back shortly. This also served as a good testbed for the new Réseaulibre / Commotion images, on which we found a good number of bugs. The main problem at this point is the lack of IPv4 configuration, which makes configuration on legacy IPv4 networks hard, if not impossible... I will update the Réseaulibre wiki with my working config shortly.

I'm otherwise fairly happy with the results: the network runs well and this allowed me to cleanup the wiring significantly in the house, even if things are really messy still. The guy from bell was fairly helpful and it turns out the demarcation box is actually RJ-45 now, which makes expanding the network reliably way easier from the old POTS RJ-11 jacks. The line can actually carry 60mbps up and 13mbps down.

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