I forgot to mention here that most services on this network are now completely offline due to a major outage at my ISP. It seems that Bell Canada, after years of service, figured out there wasn't actually a service worth their while at my address and simply turned off DSL on thursday april 30th around 11:30 UTC-4.

I have restored basic services like my personnal email, a readonly of this wiki at Koumbit.org and moved the Réseaulibre wiki to its secondary mirror, thanks to Deuxpi.

Unfortunately, that means that all other services, including the photo gallery, sondages and all wiki sites are currently down. I hope to be able to restore service somewhere beginning of next week.

Watch this space for updates! This wiki is readonly for the public for now because this is just a static version managed from my laptop, see the ikiwiki articles about this for more information (which i need to update with my own local flavor).

Update: I just got an ETA from my provider, and service should be restored on monday the 11th.

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