So I started trying out Simpy. I would have probably just dropped it at my first attempt since I originally failed to import my bookmarks. Otis was nice enough to go forward and contact me, and walk me through the proper way to import my bookmarks, which wasn't exactly intuitive: you need to sync with and just let it run, it is doing something even though it doesn't tell you, and will warn you by email when done. Otis agrees that this is totally counter intuitive and is working on fixing this issue.

In the meantime, I still have trouble getting used to the interface. Coming from got me used to a very simplified interface, which I have come to like very much, especially the tagging interface, which doesn't get in the way while staying powerful. I've put together a little braindump of the things that annoy me in the way the simpy interface is setup, I hope it can be useful to improve it and won't irritate Simpy fans or Otis himself. :)

Finally, while Simpy annonces proudly that there is no advertisement for registered users, I do see regularly a Google Ads strip at the top of the page, and that is a bit of a nonsense for me. I really like the non-corporate affiliation of Simpy, and I would very much like to get rid of the adverts, maybe even through a donation system.

Otherwise Simpy seems to be an interesting alternative, but I'm not sure I'll get all the people in the office to switch to it!

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