I have a well-customized xmonad config file. Tab 1 is email, 2 is chat, 3 is web, 4 to 6 is probably a bunch of terminals, 7 and 8 are special and 9 is the music player.

I don't remember why I started using Xmonad. I remember being annoyed at Awesome for forcing me to rewrite my configs at major upgrades and noticing my friends were using a cool Haskell-based WM.

My main gripe with Xmonad is the lack of good floating windows support.

I have used a xmonad-session-rc file to load things on startup, a special feature of the xmonad Debian package that i found quite useful.

I mayhave switched to i3 when I get bored, because it seems all the cool kids are switching to that. Or maybe Gnome, or KDE, because that's what Mr. Robot says is cool. Right? Right.

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