install sawfish

I also usually checkout my CVS dotfiles repo which contains already-built configurations for sawfish, zsh, emacs and more:

cvs co -l dotfiles

install rox

In particular, the 0alias system is very practical:

get the .deb and dpkg -i, basically.

from there, you can run everything as root or as a user, it's as good. what I do is this:

0alias rox
0alias rox-session

… as root, so that everyone has those aliases. then I configure rox-session to plug into the session systme of gdm and friends.

i also set it up in my personal user .xsession so that it also works in xdm. all this is done through the gui showed when rox-session is launched.

note that I needed the extra package python2.3-dbus for all this to work.

install other rox apps

namely the wallpaper thingy

install gkrellm

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