Service de courriel primitif basé sur le shell.

Pour prendre vos courriels, connectez-vous en shell et utilisez une des commandes suivantes pour consulter vos courriels:

Plusieurs autres logiciels sont disponibles. Un accès par IMAP (sécurisé seulement) est également disponible. Utilisez le domaine pour la configuration IMAP.


J'utilise présentement offlineimap pour synchroniser mes courriels d'un endroit à l'autre. Je considère utiliser plutôt isync.



isync config:

# Global configuration section
#   Values here are used as defaults for any following Channel section that
#   doesn't specify them.
Expunge None
Create Both

MaildirStore local
Path ~/Maildir/Koumbit/
Trash Trash
Flatten .

IMAPStore koumbit
# port 993
UseIMAPS yes
# Fetch password from gnome-keyring:
#PassCmd "gnome-keyring-query get mail_pw"
# Fetch password from .netrc:
#PassCmd "sed -n -e 's,^machine work\.host\.com login tehuser password \(.*\),\1,p' < $HOME/.netrc"
# failed? works on the cli!
#PassCmd "sed -n -e 's,^machine login password \(.*\),\1,p' < $HOME/.netrc"
# Fetch password from a gpg-encrypted file:
#PassCmd "gpg --quiet --for-your-eyes-only --decrypt $HOME/imappassword.gpg"
# Fetch password from pwmd (
#PassCmd "echo -ne 'GET myIsp\tpassword' | pwmc datafile"
#CertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt

Channel koumbit
Master :koumbit:
Slave :local:
Pattern INBOX* !*Archives*
#Expunge Slave
Sync PullNew Push
# Sync All

big problems i'm having here is to use the same maildir store across multiple channels, because the flatten applies, so i would have Maildir/Koumbit.INBOX if the path was just Maildir/. also, i had duplicates created when i ran offlineimap after isync, which scared the hell out of me. i was also unclear as to what isync was doing, all i saw was:

M: +0/10125 *0/0 #0/0  S: +0/0 *0/0 #0/0^C

so i gave up. plus it doesn't do "subscribed-only" by default, which offlineimap also does badly (it skips the INBOX!).

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