The sparkline directive is supplied by the sparkline plugin.

This directive allows for embedding sparklines into wiki pages. A sparkline is a small word-size graphic chart, that is designed to be displayed alongside text.


[[!sparkline  1 3 5 -3 10 0 width=40 height=16
featurepoint="4,-3,red,3" featurepoint="5,10,green,3"]]

This creates a simple line graph, graphing several points. It will be drawn 40 pixels wide and 16 pixels high. The high point in the line has a green marker, and the low point has a red marker.

[[!sparkline  1 -1(red) 1 -1(red) 1 1 1 -1(red) -1(red) style=bar barwidth=2
barspacing=1 height=13]]

This more complex example generates a bar graph. The bars are 2 pixels wide, and separated by one pixel, and the graph is 13 pixels tall. Width is determined automatically for bar graphs. The points with negative values are colored red, instead of the default black.


The form for the data points is "x,y", or just "y" if the x values don't matter. Bar graphs can also add "(color)" to specify a color for that bar.

The following named parameters are recognised. Most of these are the same as those used by the underlying sparkline library, which is documented in more detail in its wiki.

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