The postsparkline directive is supplied by the postsparkline plugin.

This directive uses the sparkline plugin to create a sparkline of statistics about a set of pages, such as posts to a blog.


Post interval: 
[[!postsparkline  pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" max=100
formula=interval style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]

Posts per month this year: 
[[!postsparkline  pages="blog/* and !*/Discussion" max=12
formula=permonth style=bar barwidth=2 barspacing=1 height=13]]


All options aside from the pages, max, formula, time, and color options are the same as in sparkline directive.

You don't need to specify any data points (though you can if you want to). Instead, data points are automatically generated based on the creation times of pages matched by the specified pages PageSpec. A maximum of max data points will be generated.

The formula parameter controls the formula used to generate data points. Available formulae:

The time parameter has a default value of "ctime", since formulae use the creation times of pages by default. If you instead want them to use the modification times of pages, set it to "mtime".

To change the color used to draw the sparkline, use the color parameter. For example, "color=red".

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