Svetlana Yevgenyevna Savitskaya (Russian: Светла́на Евге́ньевна Сави́цкая; born 8 August 1948) is a Russian former aviator and Soviet cosmonaut who flew aboard Soyuz T-7 in 1982, becoming the second woman in space. On her 1984 Soyuz T-12 mission she became the first woman to fly to space twice, and the first woman to perform a spacewalk. [...] While she and Valentina Tereshkova were both chosen for missions into space due to Soviet propaganda purposes, Savitskaya was much more trained and experienced in aeronautics whereas Tereshkova was chosen as a political stunt. -- Wikipedia

The name Valentina, for Tereshkova, was briefly considered for naming this machine until it was found that there are sanctions against her for being party to the invasion of Ukraine.


Device is a Unifi AP 6 lite:


Physical installation was hairy. I had setup two Cat 6A pairs into a decora/keystone pair of outlets, but I tried to instead remove the plate and install the router directly over the hole, to make it look prettier. It was messy and didn't work so well, but the device is at least installed and it's relatively solid.

One of the ports (#2) has a short and seems impossible to repair. I have tried to crimp a RJ45 adapter to it, but that seems to not work so well. Next step there is to try to re-wire the other end of the connector, on the patch panel. It was rewired once, but hastily, so maybe it's still broken.

Followed the flashing instructions, terrified because device switched to and I thought it was bricked.


Did the following config:

  1. disable DHCP on LAN
  2. disable SLAAC and RA on IPv6
  3. assigned an IP on the central DHCP server
  4. disable DHCP server on router
  5. configured WPA password
  6. manually tuned radio channels and power

According to and, this hotspot can saturate my uplink (130/30mbps) but with some bufferbloat (14 vs 63ms loaded).


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