shopping hardware replacement for marcos and my RSI.



rosewill RK-9000: 99$ + 13$ shipping - commandé!


none of those have 3 buttons at a reasonable price. same on ncix, which has the logitech one, but now it's wireless....

poor touchpad selection


cherry G80-3000 at [80$ at ncix](

roswill commandé de newegg...

à commander:

i am using the the 4-button kensington which has good reviews on amazon, at reduced price (75$) in the office, works well but a little too big.

poor touchpad selection - it seems like all touchpads only have two buttons - except this one (60$) the lenovo one seems intersting, but here's a devastating review


MS Ergonomic


Clavier x2, ya julie qui en veut un aussi (a confirmer)

Paul: Have to try this one!

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