Since i last updated this page, well... it was a long time. so here's an update:

then there are generic things all over the place:

Then there's sourcefmtransmitter.com which seems to be a fake review site to, really, sell you the whole house FM transmitter that they make: 100$ (135$ with shipping), 88.1 to 107.9MHz, can be boosted to Europe regulations (so higher power), 3xAA, AC/DC adapters, USB, RCA, line-in, mic-in, antenna... the upside is that it can be used to broadcast farther away than other devices... (There's an interesting review - outlines the potential as a local radio station...) Also 125$USD on amazon.

There is on that site, a reference to the gogroove-flexsmart-x2 transmitter, which also happens to support bluetooth. it also has a USB output connector, but less connexion options than the "whole house" - it's basically designed for the car. But it's way cheaper (50$) and supports auto-tuning... Also on sale at amazon (35$) and Best Buy (42$).

Wikipedia has good documentation) on the regulations and all that crap...


The remaining of this page is totally out of date (2005!).

J'ai un problème à la maison: les CD players commerciaux ont tendance à flancher très rapidement et deviennent impossible à utiliser, pour différentes raisons. D'un autre côté, j'ai une foule d'ordinateurs avec toujours de la musique à l'intérieur, que ce soit des MP3s ou des CDROMs. La solution? Transmettre par FM la musique!


Idéalement, il faudrait construire une station de radio plus puissante, ce qui est probablement illégal. Trouver de telles instructions.

Ou encore mieux, trouver des émetter déjà existants! Incroyable... Pas eu le temps d'y réfléchir que déjà slashdot en fait un article!

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