Monitors are devices that display information visually. They can include speakers and other connectors like USB. They were connected through VGA connectors for the long time, but that has generally been replaced by HDMI connectors, with a short period during which DVI connectors were produced. Resolutions vary too wildly wildly too mention here, see this article for details.

Now I'm buying a new laptop and would love to have an external monitor. I can afford something better than the one I have now, but it can't quite be 4k yet, according to this comment. The spec should be capped at "1440p at 60Hz", which I assume is 2560×1440 or QuadHD, which is already pretty good.

Current monitor

HP L2245wg

Upstream, manual, specs.

Possible monitors

See also this discussion:

See the selector:

Full gamut



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