So, a good friend of mine just lent me a neat little gizmo here that i will carry in my pocket to access the net in case of emergencies. Some have blueberries, I have a NEC MobilePro 780. Whoohoo.

I'm writing this on the device, through an SSH connection to my home server + screen + EditMoin + vim. Working impressively well.

The device

It is a mini-computer with a 512M flash card (thanks hugo!) with a PCMCIA (16bit!) port. So I have ordered a 16bit wifi card, i have a 16bit NIC and a 16bit IDE controler with a PCMCIA 1Gig external hardrive. The display is a touchscreen 23x80 character colour (probably 256 colours) display that can actually run X11. I'm not giving myself the trouble because there's no right-click on the touchscreen.

Impressive uh?

The processor in there is some kind of MIPS processor and uses the hpcmips port.

NetBSD 1.6

Hugo installed NetBSD 1.6 on it, IIRC because it's the only thing that actually works on it (apart from WindowsCE that is out of the question (because there's no SSH client)).

NetBSD 2.0

I'm thinking about reinstall in 2.x, there's a nice little guide in the NetBSD wiki.

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