Bell is named after Bell Hooks. It's an old Panasonic Toughbook CF-W5. The Panasonic landing page is utterly useless other than to say it's "discontinued". According to, it's "being discontinued" since 2008, with an original tag price of 2269$ (!). It was reviewed positively by Wired and ZDNet in 2007 (!!).

The Panasonic wiki has full specs, which include:

This is one of my many spare laptops that I have lying around in a drawer. It's running Debian "jessie" 8 with some "stretch" sources.list... When I booted it in November 2022, the last login was from 2017, running the Linux kernel 3.16.0. Incredibly, this OS is still supported by Debian LTS, until 2025 for a limited set of packages.

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