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Headphones and mikes

Recommended by a friend:


I have many headphones + mike setups lying around, almost all are crap:

I also have many headphones-only gizmos:

Note that some devices do not have audio jacks anymore, see this An Ode to the Headphone Jack for the history.

XLR jacks and recording

I have thought of getting a Shure SM58 as a mike and plug it in, but it requires converting the XLR connector into a 1/8" jack, and that's complicated:


Behringer had a bad reputation over a decade ago, and it seems that reputation is still around. They do provide a cheap alternative though. The X1204USB is an okay entry-level mixer with 4 XL jacks and 4 ¼ jacks for 290$ at Archambault.

A better alternative might be the Mackie PROFX12 at Music Red One for 325$ (260$ with mail in rebate): 6 XLR jacks and 4 ¼ jacks.

Both have USB outputs but it's unclear to me how the USB output will look like on a Linux system: a sound card with multiple inputs? Just a stereo input? Proprietary incompatible junk? To be researched


I tend to trust JBL on that one. Red One has a JBL EON 610 for 580$: 1000W active speaker that's interesting. Diplomate Musique has a JBL PRX710 pair for 1450$ that seems rather expensive and the setup is strange as each speaker seems to have a stero input.

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