I've been using PGP for a long time, before it was even called OpenPGP. The first PGP key I can find dates from 2000, and I have had multiple keys since then.

paperkey extracts only the secret bits of an OpenPGP secret key and therefore allows you to make a smaller backup of secret key material.

Since QR codes can only store about 3KB of data, we need something more than "just tweak the qrencode settings". Something like qr-backup.

include text: https://github.com/za3k/qr-backup/issues/48 remove imagemagick dep: https://github.com/za3k/qr-backup/issues/47

qr-backup just fails to print: https://github.com/za3k/qr-backup/issues/49

https://github.com/jmlemetayer/gpg2qr only does pgp, less interesting.

https://github.com/intra2net/paperbackup is interesting as well, as it has a text copy of the backup, something which qr-backup doesn't do.

paperbackup crashes because python-qrencode is desperately out of date:


but also fails to verify because of same bug as qrbackup: https://github.com/intra2net/paperbackup/issues/17

it also doesn't include good instructions in the restore:


nmu'd python-qrencode


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