docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml up -d docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml down -v

docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml exec --user www-data app php occ app:enable files_external

docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml exec --user www-data app php occ files_external:create photos local null::null -c datadir=/srv/Photos

docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml exec --user www-data app php occ files:scan --all root@marcos:/etc/docker# docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml exec --user www-data app php occ files:scan --all Starting scan for user 1 out of 1 (admin) ^CInterrupted by user +---------+--------+--------------+ | Folders | Files | Elapsed time | +---------+--------+--------------+ | 103298 | 112298 | 00:16:44 | +---------+--------+--------------+

root@marcos:/etc/docker# docker-compose -f compose-nextcloud.yml down -v --rmi all Stopping docker_app_1 ... done Removing docker_app_1 ... done Removing network docker_default Removing volume docker_nextcloud Removing image nextcloud

Nextcloud Yaga might be an acceptable alternative? might help in fixing the "albums"?

possibly alternative by bohwaz


lack of mobile app

incompatible flutter app

requires mariadb, sqlite not recommended

root@marcos:/etc/docker# docker-compose -f /home/anarcat/compose-photoprism.yml exec photoprism photoprism index --cleanup

root@marcos:/etc/docker# docker-compose -f /home/anarcat/compose-photoprism.yml up -d

root@marcos:/etc/docker# docker-compose -f /home/anarcat/compose-photoprism.yml exec photoprism photoprism passwd

INFO[2023-02-20T00:25:26Z] indexed 81,622 files in 3h59m47.915792756s

next run:

INFO[2023-02-20T16:15:19Z] cleanup: removed 50 index entries and 100 sidecar files [1.964059441s] 
INFO[2023-02-20T16:15:19Z] cleanup: searching for orphaned thumbnails   
INFO[2023-02-20T16:15:20Z] cleanup: removed 449 thumbnail files [766.178938ms] 
INFO[2023-02-20T16:15:20Z] cleanup: removed 549 files in total [2.930403997s] 
INFO[2023-02-20T16:15:20Z] indexed 82,628 files in 26m41.307215045s     

noop run:

INFO[2023-02-20T16:21:20Z] indexed 82,628 files in 3m46.58783669s       

calendar issues (missing parts of 2022):

no support for XMP tags: or 5-stars does not write metadata back to disk

rescan --force

INFO[2023-02-20T17:54:11Z] indexed 82,692 files in 1h10m28.674348629s   


interesting, has a mobile app (not in f-droid, but source available, also desktop app (probably Electron). main app is Python + JS. mobile apps immature.

lychee no mobile app

piwigo has a mobile app but is struggling to keep it up to date.


PhotoChiotte has an awful name but seems like a clever solution. All the logic is inside the mobile app and the server is a "dumb" web server with pregenerated thumbnails. It could be a great solution except the user interface is absolute shit. And I don't mind using such a strong word since it's literally the name of the software in French ("chiotte") so I guess it's self-assuming. It's barely usable, even with just local images. There are weird labels (the folder names I think?) under each image that take up needless space, dragging the images around lets you drag into nothingness, it's really, really hard to use. I haven't actually attempted to generate the thumbnails.

another solution I tried is to use the plain Simple Gallery to browse a remote folder, but this is explicitely not supported as they don't want their app to access the network (and rightly so, I guess). But there was this comment which pointed me at the Amaze file manager which actually supports SFTP! Unfortunately, in my tests it didn't work so well and of course didn't leverage existing thumbnails...

photoprism it is... compose-photoprism.yml in my home, new app in f-droid works somewhat okay. (source code) problems are mostly images that don't load and there are performance issues. there's no offline mode either.

consider tls client certs.

update: seems to do what we need


ente just (March 2024) just open-sourced their server and it's interesting: a relatively generic API (Go + PostgreSQL) server backed by MinIO object storage backends. They're mostly a business that wants to host your data, but now it's also clearly an option.

Desktop app is Electron (appimage, not on Flathub), but they have a decent web app as well. Trick is we have a large collection that would cost somewhere between 13$ (500GB) and 30$/mth (2TB) to host on their servers, so that might be impractical for us, even cost-wise.

Best would be if they would have some sort of CLI sync that would allow us to sync a local copy, but then maybe that's exactly the mentality we need to switch away from: just don't keep everything locally and sync as needed.

Unclear how the mobile app works, but it does have a very exciting "free up device space" button that probably removes files that were already uploaded remotely. This would really help with the phone-to-archive workflow.

I haven't tried submitting the stack to the entirety of my collection just yet, as I only tested the 1GB free trial. It looks pretty fast though, and the interface feels snappier than Photoprism's, especially since there's a native app for the phone.

Still, this would mean a major shift (away from git-annex, specifically) for photo management, towards object storage (basically), fully encrypted (which means keys are suddenly a huge concern). Not sure.

I like the simple design (one golang app + postgresql) especially when compared to Immich (2 microservices in Typescript/Dart, Redis, PostgreSQL).


complicated, lots of microservices, unsure if i want to embark on testing again.

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