I keep forgetting how to make presentations. I had a list of tools in a wiki from a previous job, but that's now private and I don't see why I shouldn't share this (even if for myself!).

So here it is. What's your favorite presentation tool?

  1. Tips
  2. Tools
    1. Beamer (LaTeX)
    2. Darkslide
    3. Impress.js
    4. Impressive
    5. Libreoffice Impress
    6. Magicpoint
    7. mdp and lookatme (commandline)
    8. Pandoc
    9. PDF Presenter
    10. Pinpoint
    11. Reveal.js
    12. S5
    13. sent
    14. Sozi
    15. Other options


Further advice:

I'm currently using Pandoc with PDF input (with a trip through LaTeX) for most slides, because PDFs are more reliable and portable than web pages. I've also used Libreoffice, Pinpoint, and S5 (through RST) in the past. I miss Pinpoint, too bad that it died.

Some of my presentations are available in my GitLab.com account:

See also my list of talks and presentations which I can't seem to keep up to date.


Beamer (LaTeX)




Libreoffice Impress


mdp and lookatme (commandline)


PDF Presenter






Other options

Another option I have seriously considered is just generate a series of images with good resolution, hopefully matching the resolution (or at least aspect ratio) of the output device. Then you flip through a series of images one by one. In that case, any of those image viewers (not an exhaustive list) would work:

Update: it turns out I already wrote a somewhat similar thing when I did a recent presentation. If you're into rants, you might enjoy the README file accompanying the Kubecon rant presentation. TL;DR: "makes me want to scream" and "yet another unsolved problem space, sigh" (refering to "display images full-screen" specifically).

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