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Debian Long Term Support (LTS)

This is my monthly Debian LTS report.

Most of my hours this month were spent updating jessie to catchup with all the work we've done in Wheezy that were never forward-ported (DLA-1414-1, fixing CVE-2017-9462, CVE-2017-17458, CVE-2018-1000132, OVE-20180430-0001, OVE-20180430-0002, and OVE-20180430-0004). Unfortunately, work was impeded by how upstream now refuses to get CVE identifiers for new issues they discover in the process, which meant that I actually missed three more patches which were required to fix the subrepo vulnerability (CVE-2017-17458). In other issues, upstream at least attempted to try identifiers through the OVE system which is not as well integrated in our security tracker but does allow some cross-distro collaboration at least. The regression advisory was published as DLA-1414-2.

Overall, the updates of the Mercurial package were quite difficult as the test suite would fail because order of one test would vary between builds (and not runs!) which was quite confusing. I originally tried fixing this by piping the output of the test suite through sort to get consistent output, but, after vetting the idea one of the upstream maintainers (durin42), I ended up sorting the dictionnary in the code directly.

I have also uploaded fixes for cups (DLA-1412-1, fixing CVE-2017-18190 and CVE-2017-18248) and dokuwiki (DLA-1413-1, fixing CVE-2017-18123).

Other activities

This month was fairly quiet otherwise, as I was on vacation.

I still managed to push a few projects forward. The pull request to add nopaste to ELPA was met with skepticism considering there is already another paste tool in ELPA called webpaste.el which takes the different (and unfortunate) approach of reimplementing all pastebins natively, instead of reusing the existing paste programs. I have, incidentally, discovered similar functionality in my terminal emulator, in the form of urxvt-selection-pastebin although I have yet to try (and probably patch) that approach.

We have also been dealing with a vast attack on IRC servers primarily aimed at hurting the reputation of Freenode operators, but that affected all IRC networks. On top of implementing custom measures to deal with the problem on our networks, I have contributed some documentation to help users and improvements to a IRC service to help with the attack.

I've also had a great conversation with the author of croc, a derivative of magic-wormhole because of flaws I felt were present in the croc implementation. It seems I was able to convince the author to do the right thing and future versions of the program might be fully compatible with wormhole, which is great news.

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