So I just received this device back from a first, dissimilar, RMA on the HP Mini 210-1C10CA included in this order.

I barely had time to install a functioning operating system that, when trying to turn on the machine again following a shutdown, I had the following error messages:

"The system BIOS has detected a possible issue with cooling fan.

The cooling fan is an important part of a Notebook PC. Operation of a notebook PC for an extended period of time without the cooling fan may result in permanent damage to the notebook PC.

Cooling fan (902)

ENTER – Shutdown

For more information, please visit:"

The machine is completely dysfunctional. I cannot boot it, enter the BIOS or do anything with it. it could do for a very expensive paperweight, but I have no need for this right now.

I'm writing this as a support request because the "refund" option mysteriously disappeared from the RMA form, and I do not want an exchange right now. I want a refund, I want it now, and I do not want to pay 40$ for shipping again. This is getting really annoying now, and I'm sorry if I'm being a bit impatient now, but it's been almost 2 months after the original order date and I am still stuck with a broken machine.

Please refund me this piece of junk. I also highly recommend you pull those off the shelves, they don't seem to be on par with the quality I am expecting (and have been generally used to) from

I will be waiting for a confirmation and shipping labels from you in the coming days.

Thank you for your understanding,


PS: Here are a few similar cases on HP support forums, at least two of the three were replaced:;jsessionid=C817865B225FA1826AB59A28F9E4DB59

Other similar case outside of;jsessionid=C33FDC7E2D94780CB2006A1541A96414

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