So I started experimenting with Diigo recently, as an alternative to Delicious, thanks to Robin. It seems to have a lot more bells and whistles, but I'm still unsure about the service, for various reasons. But what brought me there was the possibility of bridging my bookmark posts with Identica (as opposed to Twitter, which I only mirror to). So I put together a patch to the extension that does that and I hope it can be picked up upstream.

The patch adds a preference setting that allows you to customize the endpoint the plugin is talking to when "posting to twitter". It doesn't have a corresponding UI as I'm not familiar enough with the Mozilla environment, so you'll need to look for the setting in about:config. The setting is named extensions.diigotb.bookmark.twitter_url. To talk to, you need to put the value in there instead of The patch to the extension is attached to this post. Notice how the .jar file is modified. To apply the patch, you need to run the following commands:

mkdir diigotoolbar cd diigotoolbar/ unzip ../diigotoolbar-firefox-new.xpi mkdir chrome/tmp cd chrome/tmp unzip ../diigotb.jar cd ../../ patch < diigotb-API.patch cd chrome/tmp zip -u -r ../diigotb.jar . cd ../ rm -r tmp cd ../ zip -u -r ../diigotoolbar-firefox-new.xpi .

Then you should load the .xpi file in your browser. It will load the new extension and ask you to restart. I have rolled a "compiled" version of the extension on my personnal server for your convenience, but you should really ask Diigo to support that feature if you want to use it.

In general, I think I like Diigo... even though there are a lot of bells and whistles.. The annotation stuff is nice, but it's a bit overwhelming and is an horrible can of worms opened right there for spamming. Already, there are a lot of "crap" comments in annotation on some popular pages, and no moderation system, so I feel that this feature is fairly limited. Furthermore, it's a huge privacy issue, as every page you visit is submitted back to (I checked). If you choose "Don't show annotations" however, no traffic goes down the wire and your precious privacy is preserved (I checked). It would be nice if that would be the default behaviour as the current default is pretty nasty.

Otherwise it's pretty cool: I could import my whole delicious history directly in Diigo and all bookmarks posted on Diigo also end up on delicious, which will ensure a nice transition. If I'm not satisfied, I can switch back without loosing anything, which is just awesome. (I did have to give Diigo my delicious username and password however...)

There are pretty neat features all over the place: you can batch-edit bookmarks, archive snapshots of pages (although that didn't quite work for me), good private bookmarks integration, easy import of browser bookmarks and... account deletion. :)

Things that suck: ads on the site, unclear license on the toolbar (I assume I can redistribute, but that may be a bad idea), and too many gizmos (groups?? mini-blog?? who needs that stuff?).

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